DBD Ingenieria


Alejandro D'Aloisio

Electronic Engineer

Diego Barquiza

Mechanical Engineer

Luciano Davolio

Naval Engineer


DBD is a company founded by three engineers with an output complementary specialties and previous proven experience in engineering and project sectors in multinational companies leaders in their respective areas.

We are a solid and compact steering group, results-oriented and committed to the full satisfaction of our customers.

We are a link in the value chain as such must add value to the entire set of actors involved gaining competitiveness and establishing reliable and lasting relationships.


We are integrators, manufacture special equipment from conceptualization of the idea with the client, through the stages of development and construction engineering, manufacturing and assembly to the commissioning client installation.

We have extensive experience working in industrial plants and “aggressive” environments. We know how to make teams work under the most adverse conditions.

We have a know-how unique and distinctive industrial artificial vision systems we acquired over the last 10 years, which allowed us to monitor the evolution of this technology, now mature and reliable.

We also provide consulting and engineering services which ensures us to be closer to the needs and always maintain a clear conception of business and industry dynamics.


Add value to the industry through developments tailored to our customers clearly interpreting the needs and always keeping an overview of the process. Provide complete, robust and reliable integrating different specialties and developing technology and unprecedented industrial innovation in the region solutions.


Regional leaders in machine vision systems and industrial automation. Industrial bellwethers such as integrators developing solutions tailored innovation and distinctive proprietary technology.


Commitment, honesty and professional excellence are the pillars upon which we build everyday DBD identity. We also work on sensitive projects that require confidentiality